The list of the Technical Regulations:

  • ТR СU 001/2011 On safety of railway rolling stock

  • ТR СU 002/2011  On safety of high-speed railway transport

  • ТR СU 003/2011  On safety of railway transport infrastructure

  • ТR СU 004/2011 On safety of low-voltage equipment

  • ТR СU 005/2011  On safety of the packaging

  • ТR СU 006/2011 On safety of fireworks

  • ТR СU 007/2011 On safety of products intended for children and teenagers

  • ТR СU 008/2011  On safety of toys

  • ТR СU 009/2011  On safety of cosmetics and perfumes

  • ТR СU 010/2011 On safety of machinery and equipment

  • ТR СU 011/2011  On safety of elevators

  • ТR СU 012/2011  On safety of the equipment operating in hazardous environments

  • ТR СU 013/2011 On requirements to automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel, marine, jet fuel and heating oil

  • ТR СU 014/2011  On safety of motor road

  • ТR СU 015/2011 On safety of grain

  • ТR СU 016/2011  On safety of vehicles operating on gaseous fuel

  • ТR СU 017/2011  On safety of light industry products

  • ТR СU 018/2011  On safety for wheeled vehicles

  • ТR СU 019/2011  On safety on safety of personal protective equipment

  • ТR СU 020/2011  Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means

  • ТR СU 021/2011  On safety of food products

  • ТR СU 022/2011  Food products in terms of its marking

  • ТR СU 023/2011 On juice production of vegetables and fruits

  • ТR СU 024/2011  On the fat-and-oil products

  • ТR СU 025/2012  On safety of furniture

  • ТR СU 026/2012 On safety of small crafts

  • ТR СU 027/2012 On safety of certain types of specialized food products, including foods for dietary treatment and dietary preventive nutrition

  • ТR СU 028/2012 On safety of explosives and products based on them

  • ТR СU 029/2012  Requirements for the safety of food additives, flavorings and technological aids

  • ТR СU 030/2012  On requirements for lubricants, oils and special fluids

  • ТR СU 031/2012  On safety of agricultural and forestry tractors and their trailers

  • TR CU 032/2013  On safety of the equipment operating under excessive pressure

  • TR CU 033/2013  On the safety of milk and dairy products

  • TR CU 034/2013  On the safety of meat and meat products

  • TR CU 035/2014  On safety of tobacco products

  • TR CU 036/2016 Requirements for liquefied petroleum gases for use as fuel

  • TR CU 040/2016 On safety of fish and fish products

Please note that EAC Certificates require an Applicant that is a legal entity registered in the territory of the Customs Union. Our company offers Local Representative Service to provide foreign producers with the necessary support.

There are special requirements for EAC certified products regarding EAC marking.

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Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, noted the significance for Russia of the decision on the final transition to the updated International System of Units (SI), which was adopted in Paris at the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures.
We often receive requests for translation of technical files (operation manual, data sheet, brochure, technical passports etc.). They may be required for certification purposes or for product marketing.
New text of Technical regulation of Belarus “Means of telecommunication. Security” (TR 2018/024/BY) is coming into force on January 1, 2019. It contains obligatory procedure for certification and declaration of the telecommunication means.