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Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments (Metrology Certificate)

Metrology Pattern Approval (MPA) (also known as Metrology certificate, Measuring Instruments Certificate, Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments, MPA or PAC) is a document which confirms that measuring instrument is approved as per the procedure provided by the applicable law of the Russian Federation and corresponds to the applicable regulations. MPA confirms that the measuring instrument has successfully passed technical and metrological tests and was permitted for application in the Russian Federation. This certificate is necessary for import and operation inside the territory of the Russian Federation.

MPA is issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart). Only authorized licensing bodies and local metrological centers can issue metrological certificates and perform relevant inspections.

The validity period of the Metrology certificate depends on its type. The certificate can be either for civilian use or for military use. MPA for the mass production goods has a validity period of 5 years and covers a particular type of measuring instruments. Certificate for a batch of products or a single product has no expiration date. It is valid only for measuring instruments with serial numbers indicated in the document

MPA may be issued to both the manufacturer and the importer.

It is necessary to obtain MPA for pressure gauges, temperature sensors, water meters, and other measuring equipment to be used for state supervision and control measurements.

The following documents and steps are required to obtain MPA:

  • A set of technical documents (manual, technical data sheets, etc.)
  • Approval of the precision verification procedure and type description
  • Sample test
  • Site audit
  • Application

Lead time: up to 6 months.

If you have any current inquiry, please send us the following information to inquiry@wwg.eu.com:

  • Technical description with metrological characteristics.

MPA can be renewed for another 5 years. In this case, neither additional site audit nor sample test is required.

It should be noted, that MPA can be renewed during the period of its validity. Its renewal is possible if the following conditions are observed:

  1. No significant changes as to the design of the equipment were made
  2. No changes to a calibration procedure were made
  3. There are no customer complaints about quality of a measuring device.

For your future reference, please note that all the necessary documents for renewal of the MPA should be submitted 40 business days prior to the expiration date of the previously issued certificate.

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