Primary verification for Russia (Poverka)

Primary verification (PV Russia) of measuring instruments is a set of operations performed to confirm the compliance of measuring instruments with the approved verification procedure.

The verification may be performed in Russian laboratory (product samples are usually required), or on production site, or, in some cases, on operating site in the presence of accredited expert from the laboratory.

The error limit is determined during verification, and then compared to the permissible values in operating documents and type specification of the specific measuring instruments. Certificate of primary verification is obtained basing on the verification results. Each certificate of primary verification confirms the compliance of the measurement values of only one particular device.

The lead time of primary verification is usually up to 15 working days (may be less in case of verification on site). The certificate is valid only in the territory of the Russian Federation.

In addition to primary verification, there is a procedure of repeated verification. The interval between repeated verifications is determined in verification procedure and appropriate MPA.

Please note that Primary verification may be obtained only if the device has effective Metrology Pattern Approval (MPA). Verification, just as MPA, is mandatory only for those measuring instruments that will be used in state regulation. Metrological maintenance of other measuring instruments may be provided in the form of calibration.

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