Renewal of Metrology Pattern Approval (MPA)

Metrology Pattern Approval (MPA) (also known as Metrology certificate, Measuring Instruments Certificate, the Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments, MPA or PAC) is one of the most difficult approval documents required for measuring instrument used in the spheres of state metrological control and supervision of the Russian Federation.

In comparison with other certificate types, MPA may be prolonged. Prolongation procedure is quicker (2 months against 6 months) and easier than obtaining new MPA. Moreover, it helps to reduce the costs (more than 3 times). Prolongation procedure is possible only if existing MPA expires not later than in 2-3 months. However, we recommend starting this process at least 4 months before the expiry date. Applying for prolongation too late means that one should obtain MPA from the very beginning which is 3 times longer and at least 3 times more expensive.  Thus it is important to start procedure on time.

MPA prolongation does not require testing of the samples or the site audit.

The following documents are required:

·         Hard copy of the MPA with appendix to it (type description);

·         Operation documents listed in the type description;

·         Power of Attorney from the manufacturer for representation of interests (not notary), 2 hard copies;

·         Several application forms (we will prepare and the applicant/manufacturer should sign them).

Lead time: up to 60 working days.

If the hard copy of the MPA cannot be provided, we may help with obtaining the duplicate.  In this case, the lead time will increase up to 3 months.

It should be noted, that renewal is possible if the following conditions are observed:

  1. No significant changes as to the design of the equipment were made
  2. No changes to a calibration procedure were made
  3. There are no customer complaints about quality of a measuring device.

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