Certification in Kazakhstan

Certification system in Kazakhstan has a similar structure to the Russian one. Quality of the goods exported to Kazakhstan should be in compliance either with national quality requirements (usually referred to as GOST K) or EAC (TR CU) requirements as in 2010 Kazakhstan became a full-fledged member of the Customs Union. Such documents are sufficient for customs clearance and sale of products.

As for national certification documents, a GOST K certificate is a Kazakh equivalent to a Russian GOST R certificate. Certification process is similar to the Russian in the below-mentioned parts. Necessary are:

  • Product registration,
  • GOST K certificate,
  • Permit for use issued by the Ministry of the Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
  • Exemption Letter,
  • Fire safety certificate,
  • Hygiene certificate.

However, the certification process in Kazakhstan is more complicated and it sometimes requires additional expertise concerning the national law and legislation.

The list of goods which require GOST K certificate for customs clearance in Kazakhstan is specified in Government Decree No. 367 dated 20.04.2005. Similar to GOST R, only certification bodies accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical regulation and Metrology are eligible to issue GOST K certificates. Maximum validity term of such documents is 3 years. Certificate may cover either a single batch or serial production. Sometimes it is required to conduct mandatory sample tests or perform a site audit by the accredited experts. Certificate of Conformity of the Republic of Kazakhstan is sufficient for customs clearance and sale of the products.

Both residents and foreign manufacturer can apply for certificates and declarations GOST K.

If it is necessary to confirm compliance of the products with Industrial Safety requirements, a permit for use is required. This document is issued by the Ministry of the Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Compliance with Fire safety requirements is confirmed by Fire Safety certificate from the Fire Safety Department of the Ministry of the Emergency Situations. It can be issued for a single batch or serial production with 3 years validity.

However, most categories of products are subject to technical regulations of the Customs Union.

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