EAC marking

There are special requirements for EAC certified products regarding marking:

EAC logo must be put on products which received EAC certificate or declaration, State registration certificate.

It must be of a single color, clearly visible and at least 5 mm of size. It is a combination of three stylized letters: ‘E’, ‘A’ and ‘C’, with the same proportions, height and width. There is a contrasting background and the mark has to contrast with color of the surface of the product or its label, which it is put on.

The sign can be put on the product (label, package) in any way, but is has to be clearly visible during the lifetime of the product. It should be on each product unit, packaging and documentation, if it is possible, next to the manufacturer’s trademark.

The sign must be put directly onto the unit product (if it is possible) and/or tag (if any) and also onto the packaging and technical documentation.

The list of the Technical Regulations is available here.

Please send e-mail to inquiry@wwg.eu.com if you want to get the graphical layout (vector).


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