At WWG, we truly value our partners. We have been collaborating with giants of certification services industry for several years now. We support several Embassies’ Commercial Services whenever they have requests from Russian market newcomers.

As the trusted partner, we do what we do best, that is to listen and understand the needs of our clients, and help them solve their certification tasks. This fact allows WWG to provide top-quality legal assistance for customs clearance as well as technical compliance.

WWG is truly a unique and powerful partnership that your business may be needing to move to the next level. Our approach to partnership allows us to meet the challenges that the modern customs clearance/certification market landscape present, delivering a number of benefits.

We’ve been dealing with a wide range of certification and licensing needs in many diverse industries and languages for a long time. Our top managers have more than 8 years of first-hand market experience. We work only with reliable suppliers of certification services.

Our experts are always ready to consult you and help overcome any possible risks and obstacles. We will save you time, money, and effort by providing first-class services.

WWG is both responsive and responsible when dealing with your certification matters.

We will be happy to provide references upon request (depending on the industrial area or geography)

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New text of Technical regulation of Belarus “Means of telecommunication. Security” (TR 2018/024/BY) is coming into force on January 1, 2019. It contains obligatory procedure for certification and declaration of the telecommunication means.
In order to obtain some EAC (TR CU) certificates, site audit is required. During site audit experts from a certification body and laboratory visit production site and check implementation of manufacturing standards. Experts check presence of the documents confirming that the certified products are manufactured at an enterprise. Here is a general list of documents that may be asked.
Between November 1 and December 1, 2018, the Eurasian Economic Union discusses amendments to execution process of State registration certificates (Hygienic). Amendments are provided for the Decision No. 80 of June 30, 2017, which approved the unified form of the State registration certificate, the form of the annex to it, as well as Rules for its execution.