FSS Notification (FSB notification) and FSS Exemption letter

FSS Notification (Federal Security Service) / FSB notification is required for customs clearnce. Products containing cryptographic means (APIs, algorithms like AES, RSA, WPA and even HDCP installed in HDMI ports) should be covered by this document. 

Why will this be relevant for you?

At registration of this type of documents it is worth considering innovations. From the end of June 2018, Federal Security Service (FSS) started issuing FSS Exemption letter.

FSS Exemption letter has the same force as FSS Notification and should be obtained for the products which contain encryption (cryptographic) means but are not indicated in the list of products subject to FSS Notification (list with HS codes).

The procedure of obtaining both documents is the same. Both documents are required for customs clearance. The main difference between FSS Notification and FSS Exemption letter is that FSS Notification is registered in the Registry and FSS Exemption letter is not.

Only Russian entity may be the applicant. WWG can help with this for free.

FSS Notification and Exemption letter is valid in all 5 countries of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). The validity of FSS Notification is unlimited but we recommend obtaining it for 5 years.

Basic required documents:

  • Exact list of models/product name.

  • Exact name, phone and address of the manufacturer.

  • Legalized (by apostille or consular assurance) power of attorney from the manufacturer (we will provide with form and instruct on how it should be done)

  • Upon request we provide file with detailed description on requirements to POA (they are strict and need to be adhered to). 

Products which require FSS notification (FSB notification) or FSS Exemption letter also may require RF and Telecom approvals.

How long are certificates issued?

Our experience allows to organize it in 2 weeks after POA is provided.   However it is worth to consider that providing of apostilled and notarized power of attorney (POA) by manufacturer may take several weeks. 

To process the quotation we need the following information:
  • Full name of the product;
  • HS Code;
  • Technical description (manual, catalogue, etc).

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On March 15, 2019, the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission has officially published the order, which approved the draft amendments to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On the safety of perfumery and cosmetic products” (TR CU 099/2011).
Federal Customs Service of Russia and Federal Service for Accreditation have developed the recommendations for carrying out customs operations related to the importation of goods into the Russian Federation as samples and specimens for the purpose of conducting research and testing of products are developed in accordance with the law of the Eurasian Economic Union.
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