FSS Notification (FSB notification) and FSS Exemption letter

FSS Notification (Federal Security Service) / FSB notification is required for customs clearnce. Products containing cryptographic means (APIs, algorithms like AES, RSA, WPA and even HDCP installed in HDMI ports) should be covered by this document. 

Why will this be relevant for you?

At registration of this type of documents it is worth considering innovations. From the end of June 2018, Federal Security Service (FSS) started issuing FSS Exemption letter.

FSS Exemption letter has the same force as FSS Notification and should be obtained for the products which contain encryption (cryptographic) means but are not indicated in the list of products subject to FSS Notification (list with HS codes).

The procedure of obtaining both documents is the same. Both documents are required for customs clearance. The main difference between FSS Notification and FSS Exemption letter is that FSS Notification is registered in the Registry and FSS Exemption letter is not.

Only Russian entity may be the applicant. WWG can help with this for free.

FSS Notification and Exemption letter is valid in all 5 countries of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). The validity of FSS Notification is unlimited but we recommend obtaining it for 5 years.

Basic required documents:

  • Exact list of models/product name.

  • Exact name, phone and address of the manufacturer.

  • Legalized (by apostille or consular assurance) power of attorney from the manufacturer (we will provide with form and instruct on how it should be done)

  • Upon request we provide file with detailed description on requirements to POA (they are strict and need to be adhered to). 

Products which require FSS notification (FSB notification) or FSS Exemption letter also may require RF and Telecom approvals.

How long are certificates issued?

Our experience allows to organize it in 2 weeks after POA is provided.   However it is worth to consider that providing of apostilled and notarized power of attorney (POA) by manufacturer may take several weeks. 

To process the quotation we need the following information:
  • Full name of the product;
  • HS Code;
  • Technical description (manual, catalogue, etc).

Make an inquiry

Make an inquiry
The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) held a meeting with representatives of government bodies and business community on the labeling of goods with EAC marking. The issue is that Russian customs authorities require products to be tagged with EAC label before going through customs clearance.

The Eurasian Intergovernmental Council held a meeting in Armenia on April 30. The main topics of the discussion were: Implementation of the digital agenda of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU); Removal of barriers to the domestic market of the EAEU; Industrial cooperation and trade; Customs cooperation.

On May 19, 2019, the decision No. 60 of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission with the amendments prepared for the list of standards of the technical regulation “On safety of packaging” will come into force. This is a list of standards with rules for sampling, methods of testing and measurement used to assess the conformity of packaging with TR CU 005/2011.

Key Benefits
We speak English, German, Italian languages
We are ready to support you with local authorized representative service required by EAC regulations
We have extensive experience as we have been on the market since 2010
We stick to time frames agreed on with our clients
We always rely on current national and international legislation
Beyond certification we can handle all necessary technical documents such as technical passports, safety justifications, etc.

As you know Zantingh is а leading supplier of safe energy-efficient burner systems, СО2 dosing systems and other equipment especially to the greenhouse horticultural sector. Since the start-up in 1935 we have build up а lot of knowledge on burnertechnology which enables us to provide custom-made solutions to our customers.

Doing global business means that besides а professional organization and high quality products you need certification to prove that your products are of good quality with а high safety-level. In almost every country we managed in fixing the needed certicication without any proЬlems. In Russia we almost got lost in the wood of Russian certification! Fortunately we found you as our partner and guide with а valid EAC-certification as result.

Thank you very much for your patience and flexibility during this certification process. We certainly hope you will support us in future (certification) matters.

R. Vellekoop
Financial director

I appreciate the work you do for us. I appreciate a lot your great responsiveness and the great help you give us even with questions not directly related to our present project.

The detailed answers and summaries received from you already received much appreciation. The detailed questions were eye openers for ourselves as well.

Attila Demeter
Quality Manager Europe,
Brooks instrument

WWG have offered a quick and efficient service in obtaining EAC certification and exemption letters for Kazakhstan. Compared to previous companies we have used for this process they are in a different league and easy to work with.

Dave Carline
Sales Estimator
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