PED certification in Russia

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In order to export equipment working under pressure to the territory of the Customs Union, Certificate or Declaration of conformity with Technical Regulation of the Customs Union (EEU) “On safety of the equipment operating under excessive pressure” (TR CU 032/2013) may be required. It is almost similar to PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) in Europe.

Usually, manufacturers do not take seriously this technical regulation but it is considered as one of the most difficult and time consuming among other TR CU. Execution period is from 30 to 45 days.

In order to process such a request, the following information is required:

  1. Working pressure
  2. HS code
  3. Volume (m3) or diameter(mm)
  4. Medium (Liquid\Gas\Vapour, etc)
  5. Working environment:

  • Group 1: working environment, consisting of a flammable, oxidizing, flammable, explosive, toxic gases, liquids and vapors in the single-phase state, as well as mixtures thereof

  • Group 2: all other operating environments, not covered by group 1

This info allows to understand what type of document is required declaration or certificate TR CU 032 which influences immensely the costs, the list of documents required, execution period and the procedure of certification itself (whether production site audit is required or not).  

Furthermore the list of necessary documents for certification may require elaboration of Safety Justification, Strength calculation, Operation manuals, Technical passport etc. We can always assist with this.

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As you know Zantingh is а leading supplier of safe energy-efficient burner systems, СО2 dosing systems and other equipment especially to the greenhouse horticultural sector. Since the start-up in 1935 we have build up а lot of knowledge on burnertechnology which enables us to provide custom-made solutions to our customers.

Doing global business means that besides а professional organization and high quality products you need certification to prove that your products are of good quality with а high safety-level. In almost every country we managed in fixing the needed certicication without any proЬlems. In Russia we almost got lost in the wood of Russian certification! Fortunately we found you as our partner and guide with а valid EAC-certification as result.

Thank you very much for your patience and flexibility during this certification process. We certainly hope you will support us in future (certification) matters.

R. Vellekoop
Financial director

We are glad to work with you for our certificates, you are very helpful and efficient.

We recommend your company to everyone because of your great service.

Evelien Deschacht
Sidem NV

This letter is to express our sincere thanks for your help in renewing our Gost certification.

I was very impressed with your professionalism, communication, courteous manner and excellent spoken English.

Most of all, we are very grateful for the speed in which you processed our renewal. This has enabled our company to proceed with sales uninterrupted, which is a huge benefit to us and our Russian customers.

I would have no problem recommending your company to others. It was my pleasure.

Andrew W. Kibler
Quality & Engineering Manager
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