EAC certification of apparel, bags and shoes for adults and kids

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Products of the light industry like clothing, apparel, bags and shoes should comply with EAC regulations before exporting to the countries of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan).

The following Technical regulations may be applicable:

TR CU 017/2011 covers the wide range of products including apparel, shoes, and bags. This regulation is not applicable to medical clothes, personal protective equipment and clothes for kids.

If the clothes are intended for children, compliance with TR CU 007/2011 is applicable as well. Please note that TR CU 007/2011 covers the products intended for kids under 14 years. If the product is intended for use of the children under 3 years old, State registration certificate (hygienic) may also be required.

Certificates and declarations of conformity with TR CU 017/2011 and TR CU 007/2011 are issued for single shipment or serial production. The maximum validity of both documents is 5 years.

The lead time of such documents is 10-20 working days. Moreover, it may require testing of the samples.

Please note that EAC Certificates require an Applicant that is a legal entity registered in the territory of the Customs Union. Our company offers Local Representative Service to provide foreign producers with the necessary support.

There are special requirements for EAC certified products regarding EAC marking.

If you have any current inquiry, please send us the following information to inquiry@wwg.eu.com:

  • Product name
  • HS code
  • Technical description (including composition and kid’s age)

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