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Pattern Approval Certificate in Russia of Measuring Instruments which is also known as PAC certificate or metrology – is a decision issued by the State l Agency of Technical Regulations and Metrology Russian Standard or RusStandart. When positive decision, the measurement tool or measurement equipment  gets its number and the Order for metrology certificate is ready. It helps to ensure  the type of measurements (State Register of Measuring Instruments), the Manufacturer (Applicant) is given a Certificate of Approval of the PAC type with the Annex to the Pattern Approval Certificate type full description.

certificate of approval of the type of PAC is 5 years

 individual PAC metrology certificate is unlimited.

the validity of PAC extended is possible 2 months prior to the end date


  • The validity of the metrology PAC Type Approval Certificate expires in more than 45 days from the date of start metrology PAC certificate renew
  • PAC characteristics stay same.


To carry out tests to establish the type of measuring instruments

  • samples for PAC issue
  • Technical documents description for metrology in Russia
  • GOST R metrology  or a declaration  tr cu with a set of permits and legal documents depending on the field of metrology application of the PAC measuring certificate  (for example, the registration of  metrological certificate of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia for measuring medical devices, certificate TR CU);
  • Photos of the general view of the PAC device measuring equipment
  • The certificate of approval of the type of measuring instruments

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Between November 1 and December 1, 2018, the Eurasian Economic Union discusses amendments to execution process of State registration certificates (Hygienic). Amendments are provided for the Decision No. 80 of June 30, 2017, which approved the unified form of the State registration certificate, the form of the annex to it, as well as Rules for its execution.
WWG has a wide experience in certification of different industrial equipment. In order to show which documents may be required for different types of equipment, we start describing real cases of certification and their solutions.
Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, held the first meeting with John Huntsman, Ambassador of the United States to the Russian Federation, on October 24 in Moscow.