Construction & building

Construction industry implies strict compliance with safety and quality requirements which protect human life and property. It ensures that construction materials are of superior quality and eco-friendly.

Thus, certification in this field is to focus on the following groups of products:

  1. Construction materials;
  2. Machinery, equipment and tools used for construction;
  3. Quality managements systems developed on construction site;

Each of these categories requires different types of approvals, for example:

  • Certificates and Declarations of conformity with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU):
    • "On safety of machinery and equipment" (ТR СU 010/2011),
    • "On safety of personal protective equipment" (ТR СU 019/2011),
  • State Registry certificate (e.g. for paint and varnishes)
  • Fire Safety certificates etc.

Please note that if construction is related to railway or public transport infrastructures, then specific documents shall be required – for example, certificate of conformity with TR CU "On safety of railway rolling stock (ТR СU 001/2011), TR CU "On safety of railway transport infrastructure" (ТR СU 003/2011) or TR CU "On safety of motor road" (ТR СU 014/2011). As well as plants where construction materials are produced will require an ISO certificate to confirm that quality management system is in compliance with international standards including the Russian one.

Certificates are issued only on the basis of a site audit or testing of samples.

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How to get started
WWG has a wide experience in certification of different industrial equipment. In order to show which documents may be required for different types of equipment, we start describing real cases of certification and their solutions.
Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, held the first meeting with John Huntsman, Ambassador of the United States to the Russian Federation, on October 24 in Moscow.
In order to export the furniture to the Customs Union, the products must conform to Technical Regulation of the Customs Union (TR CU 025/2012) “On safety of furniture”.